New Treasures Need Old Friends

My rug can be found here

I have loved to mix things up and throw whatever I love together in a room ever since I can remember. That really is the gist of eclectic style. There are no rules. You show off what you love and it doesn’t matter if it’s all the same colors or patterns. I love pieces with a story behind them and décor that makes people ask questions. “Why do you have a plant sitting on a 1960s postage scale?” Uh, because I can! I’m quirky and I know it!

Step one – Collect things you absolutely love! You can love them because of the way they make you feel or because of a special memory….or just because it’s weird, or beautiful!

Step two – Put said items all together in one room. Do not try to match colors. I like to work in threes. I love quirky little things put together in groups. To me this makes the odd assortment look purposeful. 

Step three – Mix different textures like velvet, crochet, gravel art, yarn, embroidery, leather, wood. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Step four – Arrange the room how you envision it and tweak things as you see fit. Keep the room how you arranged it for a day. Walk by it a few times and see if it sparks joy. This really tells me if I’m in love with a room or not. Arrange things a little differently and take things in or out if you don’t feel smitten. 

Step five – Enjoy this beautiful, bold, work of art room that is 100% your unique style!

Step six – Remember that all of your new treasures need old friends. My West Elm couch is beautiful on it’s own but it’s so much better with all this beautiful vintage crewel and gravel art!

On a side note, I found this light fixture and love it! I want someone to use it in their living room. It would be amazing in a closet, bedroom or kitchen!

Click the picture for more details on this gorgeous light fixture!

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