How to decorate your bedroom with comfort and beauty!

When decorating a bedroom I always make sure comfort is higher on the list than anything else. I want a bedroom to be my oasis at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful things! In fact, being in beautiful spaces is one of the most relaxing things you can do! 

Room idea 1
Room Idea 2

I’m going to share some of my favorite bedroom decor and practical items. These products keep comfort AND beauty in mind!


These sheets are amazing! They come in a bunch of colors but I am totally partial to white and dark gray! 


These Zinus mattresses have fantastic reviews and are an absolute bargain. I am a big fan of memory foam mattresses and don’t think I could ever go back to a non foam mattress. 


My next must have item is a rug! You can either go soft neutral or pop of color! 

Pop of color option 👇🏻

Neutral soft option (softest rug everrr!)👇🏻


Next up, pillows! These are gel which is insanely comfortable AND they’re hypoallergenic.👇🏻


I absolutely ADORE when people use room dividers as headboards. I did this in my daughter’s room and it turned out amazing. A headboard this size would cost way more than a room divider! If you’re like me, you like tall headboards for that dramatic look. Plus carved wood 😍 need I say more?!

Brown boho carved wood headboard option 👇🏻

White boho carved headboard option 👇🏻

Bedside tables:

These are super cute with a green fabric front panel or you can choose the traditional mid century color option!👇🏻


This is such a cool nightlight that will add an element of relaxation, plus it’s so unique!👇🏻


I love velvet curtains. They add such a level of luxury, plus they block light very well! Light blocking curtains are definitely a must for naps, night shift workers and people who don’t love early mornings. (Can I get a yes and an amen?!🙌🏽)

Velvet curtains available in a variety of colors 👇🏻

Finish the room off by adding vintage items! Adding vintage items will give your room a unique feel and a story. I have an idea where you can find some pretty cool vintage furniture and decor 😉



P.S. this is my daughter’s room with her room divider turned headboard 😍

My daughter’s room. Click the picture for more details on the rug.

This post contains affiliate links.

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