How to make an expensive basket light fixture for dirt cheap!

I adore all of the big basket light fixtures. They are so unique and make such a statement. I however did not adore the price tags. So, I got to work!

This is the easiest DIY ever. Find a basket at your local thrift store or a bargain store, like Ross. It just needs to have big enough holes to put the cord through for the light, or you’ll have to drill one. If you’re more handy, that is totally a good option! I am not handy. So I went with a basket that required no prep work. I bought a light kit. I had my handy dandy hubby install the light kit and pop the basket on. Make sure the light bulb sits no where near the actual basket. We don’t want any fires! Select a basket that is wide to make this a non issue. Below is a link to a couple of light kits I recommend and a picture of the one I made. It cost me about $15 total!

$15 light fixture!

Click any of the below pictures to purchase the light kits.

This article contains affiliate links.

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