Transform your kitchen for less than $250!


I was laying in bed one night, minding my own business, when I suddenly decided my kitchen was too brown and traditional. Like all great ideas, they happen to me right before bed, because who needs sleep anyways?…not me! Or at least that’s what my kids think, ha! 


So, I looked into cabinetry, but alas I don’t have $10k to spend! Apparently new cabinets don’t count as an emergency purchase that can come from your savings. Who knew? I also looked into new granite counter tops, they are equally expensive! I checked into redoing the back splash, and although it isn’t near as much money, it’s a lot of work! Que the demo, possible holes in my drywall needing to be repaired, and of course putting up the new back splash….tile…by…tile. That requires meticulous and patient hands, of which I have neither! 

Then the ideas came to me! I could put new hardware on the cabinets to bring out the grays and blacks inside of the wood. I could also paint the tile back splash! I could swap out decor and add a new fun rug! These were all cheap and EASY things I could do QUICKLY! Easy and quick are my jam!


I was able to find my new black handles on amazon for less than $140, since I had to purchase 50 knobs ( Knobs at my local home improvement store were $6 a piece! So, I was thrilled to find them so much cheaper online! I almost didn’t have enough patience to put on all 50 knobs. I can’t imagine having to redo the entire backsplash. So, I’m very happy that I made the decision not to! The runner rug was purchased on Amazon for under $45 ( I picked up some white semi gloss paint and primer for the back splash at Lowes (any brand will do). I grabbed a new brush as well. The paint, primer, grout paste, and brush were under $45. I’ve linked a few great options at the end of the post.

In all I spent less than $250, and about an evenings worth of my time to get this transformation. I hope this inspires you to work with what you have and end up with an awesome transformation! Below are more after pictures!


Here is a supply list below. Make sure to measure your cabinet handles before you order the handle size. All you need to do is measure screw to screw on the inside of the cabinet to determine space size. Grab some paint and primer from your local hardware store and these supplies below! Have fun!

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It’s amazing what a few seemingly small changes can do to a room. The rug above is the one I ended up putting in the kitchen to add a pop of color.

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  1. Mel says:

    Nice! Small changes go a long way. We replaced all of the hardware in the house to match also and while it was expensive, we also bought in bulk and it really makes a difference!


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