Examples and Tips to Achieve Eclectic Home Style!

Eclectic just means a mix of tastes all gathered together. I 100% consider my home to be an eclectic abode. Below I will show you some examples of eclectic home style and how you can achieve it. Here are some of my favorite (and random!) tips for achieving eclectic style!

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  1. Use lots of different textures. I’m a fan of wicker, bamboo, brass, velvet, crewel and greenery. Mixing all different textures add depth and interest to your space., not to mention, it’s fun!
  2. Collect your decor from ALL over. Buy it from your travels, online, thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, garage sales and things passed down through your family. Part of what makes an eclectic space so interesting is that the contents being unique!
  3. Use colorful rugs. Rugs add so much to a space and they define the area well. I often feel like a room just doesn’t look complete without a good rug. Thankfully you can grab rugs for cheap on amazon! Here are a lot of my favorites: http://www.amazon.com/shop/relic828
  4. Mix styles of decor and furniture! Don’t think you need to stick to one style like mid century, vintage or antique. You can have a table from 1850 and chairs from the 1960s! That’s actually a big part of what makes eclectic style so cool looking. It allows you so much freedom to express yourself. I don’t know about you, but I love lots of different styles and I don’t like to be confined to one.
  5. Use room dividers as headboards and wall decor! Beds are expensive and room dividers are a whole lot cheaper. If you love it when your headboard makes a big statement, then a room divider is perfect for you. Room dividers are traditionally bigger than regular headboards. So they’re perfect for a wow factor in any bedroom. You can also take room dividers apart and use the panels on the wall to make some stunning wall decor anywhere in your home.

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Here are some examples of eclectic home style below:

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