What is the definition of boho style decor?

I see people ask this question A LOT! So I thought it would be helpful to explain and show a few examples of the meaning of boho style home decor.

My Den

Boho decor is created by having an eclectic mix of things you love all around your home. Usually boho is associated with items collected abroad through travels, but these items can be collected anywhere! Boho is more than just a home decor style, it’s a lifestyle. It represents thinking outside of the box, being unconventional and having a free thinking mind. Have you ever heard the saying “she dances to the beat of her own drum.”? That saying pretty much sums up bohemian style!

Boho decor often uses mid century furniture, vintage or antique. Boho decor mixes lots of different textures. Things that are often used in boho decor include wicker, bamboo, fur, Persian rugs, room dividers, velvet, plants(all the plants!), bright colors OR neutrals and fun and unique nick knacks. Use these in your space and you’re sure to get ALL the boho vibes.

There are no “rules” for boho decor. I think that’s why so many people love it. There is no wrong way to do it. Boho style decor is all about being yourself and expressing your taste freely in your home. Your home should be a place that you absolutely love because you’re surrounded by the PEOPLE and the THINGS you adore.

There are many terms and expressions for boho style: boho chic, moody boho, boho aesthetic, mcm boho, bohemian, gypsy etc. These all hold the same definition as boho decor.

Here are some of my FAVORITE mid century, boho and eclectic style home decor pieces to get you started and inspired! Here’s to making your home boho beautiful!

Shop my BOHO decor favorites below!




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