9 essential decor pieces for making your bedroom an eclectic boho paradise!

Want to make your bedroom a boho eclectic oasis? I’ve got you covered! When I think of an eclectic bedroom, I think of tall carved headboards, twinkling fairy lights, plush rugs and mid century furniture. I’m a sucker for mid century furniture. So I feel like that’s a must in any room. I also believe a rug should be in any room possible, even rooms with carpet. Yep, I said it! I think rugs add so much to a space. Also, who loves beds that make a statement?! This girl! I however don’t like the price tag of the beds at Anthropologie, those are my favorite ones (OF COURSE!). So, I decided to achieve that look myself, with a room divider!

  1. Use room dividers for headboards! My daughter and I absolutely adore her headboard. They’re available in different shapes and sizes. They have white ones and the original wood style. I’ve linked some of my favorites below!

2. Ambient/moody lighting is a must! My favorite to achieve this look is a combination of string lights(fairy lights) and rock lamps! Curtain style fairy lights are amazing for draping behind beds or in front of windows. Rock lamps are great anywhere in the room for night lights! That Moroccan lamp is just amaze balls!

3. You know I couldn’t do this list without some AMAZING rugs. I’m a fan of colorful rugs but I also appreciate warm neutral plush rugs for bedrooms. Really rug choice just comes down to a personal preference. I’ve seen both pulled off so well in bedrooms. You can do an all neutral space or include lots of color for your bedroom. As long as your bedroom showcases your style, then you can’t go wrong. Be confident in YOUR choices!

4. Velvet, sheer or floral curtains are a must! I love velvet curtains since they block out the light and they’re beautiful! I also adore the light that comes through with sheer curtains. If you’re an early riser sheer might be great for you. If you have to work late or do night shifts, then I suggest velvet curtains for the darkness quality! You can grab my floral curtains with the link below the picture or see my other favorites below!

FOR THESE CURTAINS PICTURED ABOVE GO HERE –> O HERE –> https://goto.target.com/xjOY3

5. Vintage decor is a must have for any boho eclectic bedroom. The coolest part about boho eclectic decor is that it’s unique. My personal favorites include, rattan, wicker, brass, old books, macrame and many more!Thankfully I have you covered! You can go shop all of our vintage goodies here.–> http://www.relic828.com


6. Floor pillows are one of my favorite things to cozy up a space. Nothing says “come hang out!” like comfortable textiles! The ones I have are from target. I adore them. You can grab the ones I have by clicking the link under the photo or check out these groovy pillows on amazon below!

7. You can’t even call a room boho without some plants. I know, I know all the fellow plant killers don’t want to hear that. I’m one of you. I have learned to find really good fake plants and mix them with some impossible to kill real plants, like succulents and snake plants. I have one on my desk that I haven’t remembered to water…..like ever but here it is alive and well! Here are some of my favorite FAKE and REAL options!

8. An oil diffuser is essential to a good nights sleep….see what I did there!? haha! But really, I sleep so much better with oils. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a kid. So anything that can help me relax or sleep is SO important to me. My favorite oil for anxiety and sleep is below!

9. Boho and eclectic means cozy, comfortable and interesting to look at. You can’t have those things without amazing bedding. It’s literally not possible for me to go to sleep without a soft blanket. I live in Florida where it’s 90 something degrees year round, but you won’t catch me without my fan on jet engine speed and a fuzzy blanket on! I also adore huge comforters. I think I was meant to live up north! Here are my faves!

I hope this article gave you lots of boho eclectic inspiration!



This article contains affiliate links.

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