The 10 BEST Boho and Eclectic Headboards for your bedroom!

There are so many things you can do to make your bedroom boho chic and fabulous! Check out my boho bedroom post to see all of my decor recommendations here. I’m going to list the BEST boho headboards below. I hope you find this list super helpful! Click ANY image to see more details and to purchase.

  1. This color is amazing and it’s a king size!! True vintage rattan headboards are hard to come by and almost impossible to come by in king size. The only way to have a king size is to put two twin size headboards together, which is totally great, but you have to FIND two identical headboards to do that. This is SUCH a great deal!

2. This is an AMAZING headboard that is super similar to one from Anthropologie. It’s WAY cheaper, though!

3. I adore the idea of using macrame as a headboard. There is nothing more relaxed and boho than macreme for a headboard!

4. It’s another room divider and it’s FAB!

5. No boho headboard list would be complete without a rattan headboard, just sayin!

6. Here’s another fab rattan headboard choice!

6. I know you may be thinking, this is a room divider?? It sure is but it’s an even cooler headboard!

7. I’m totally digging this matte black!

8. For a more classic Joanna Gaines meets boho vibe, this is a winner!

9. This is the epitome of boho chic! Who doesn’t love velvet and pink!!

10. This teal is everything! It’s also velvet and you can never go wrong with velvet!

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